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New Products:KEYBOY 2.5mm / KEYBOY 3210

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Background of Invention

Up to 1999,handfree mobile phones and walkman players have become more and more popular ;in fact,most consumers are using both simultansously.Handfree devices for mobile phone are already available on the market. However,if a walkman player is being used at the same time,the user cannot possibly know when there is an incoming phone call.Moreover,if he wants to make a call from his mobile phone,he has to stop the walkman player for the purpose.It is, therefore, very incovenient and under certain circumstances may even cause danger.

Accordingly,it is an object of the present invention to provide a small size clip-style change-over device to be connected to a mobile phone and a walkman player,said change-over device being capable of identifying the status of the said mobile phone, so that under programmed control,when there is an incoming phone call,the user's earphone can be automatically connected to the mobile phone with the connection to the walkman player automatically cut off.As the present product is provided with an internal electronic microphone as well as an amplifier circuitry for the said microphone, the user can answer to the incoming call in a handfree mode.When the conversation is over,in a delay of about ten seconds'time,the walkman player will be automatically connected again to the earphone.As there is provided a Reset button on the change-over device, pressing it can remove the said delay so that the walkman can be immediately without waiting.


Battery :G-13 x 2pcs

Stand-by :12 months

Conversation time :6,000 minutes or one month/30 min.@day

Weigh :25g Include battery